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Vision Of Kin

“Vision of Kin” [Lyrics] Ted:  “We live in a world that is being increasingly controlled by monopolies, digital... “Vision of Kin” [Lyrics] Ted:  “We live in a world that is being increasingly controlled by monopolies, digital monopolies. Who’s goal, who’s mandate, is to figure out how to extract more & more value from us, the people —  and instead we’re saying no — not only do we think that’s wrong, but we have a way to counteract that.” BB: “Start with thousands then millions, millions’ll turn billions, [inclusive] every single man, woman & children [can do this] earn Kin for the time they put in, turn around & spend it in the Ecosystem [it’s the beginning] the Genesis, a paradigm shift, moving away from monopolistic algorithms [they mine your data] extract your value, manipulate ya [with Kin] add value, and in turn it pays ya [see it’s a] decentralized incentive system [the KRE] Kin Rewards Engine, a way to create, develop & be compensated [with Crypto] it’s just the tip though, it’s obvious, ain’t it? [it’s only] limitations are the ones that you place, Kin is as big as you can imagine, design & create [it feels like fate] the people taking back our power, monetizing each minute, for more valuable hours [it’s Kinship] with no race, religion, color or creed, lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, pride or greed [we proceed] to block monopolies who lied to we, all these wolves in sheep clothing [behind the scenes] lobbied lawmakers to make it legal to legally leach us of our identities, these are our enemies, as we take our hats off to them, ’cause their runs to an end, we united — one under Kin.” Ted: “What we are doing with Kin, is cryptocurrency as a decentralized incentive system. It’s like a total flip. Our incentive is to build a system, as fast as it can, as much as it can, how to get people compensated for their contributions.”  BB: “[Just imagine] to waking up, open ya phone, click Kinit, get in it, get to earning then roam, around a whole system of apps, with offers to match, anything you can imagine, so you spend it then go, on to the next digital service, you earn & send, then — rinse & repeat, as the world spins [now just imagine] a village at the worlds end, underdeveloped, hell, they felt like we forgot ‘bout them [but not Kin] if they can log on, we lock arms with them, for them the Kin that they’ll earn feel like a whirlwind [see, that’s Kinfolks] it’s so close, the world grins, and as Kin grows, then so goes, the world wins {This ain’t some far-off, far-fetched, fictitional vision, it’s the rawest, uncut, vision of what Kin is - the Gene-sis of the Kin Collection, it’s a narrative for it, I’ll be a clairvoyant for ya} This a call to arms [mount up] a calling out to all [big & small] all developers [big & small] all apps & platforms [big & small] all creatives [big & small] we are on the precipice of change [the world’s changing] if bound together in Kin, we are bound to win, there’s plenty for all to earn & spend.”  Ted: “We just sort of have a different way of looking at the world. We want to build a world where consumers and developers all win together, and that’s certainly not the world we have today. We need to find a place and a way to get people earning and spending natively in a cryptocurrency, and if we could do that, we would change the world.” More
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